Etisalat Group rolls out new brand identity
Posted on 2022 Feb,24

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UAE’s telecom services provider, Etisalat Group, has unveiled a new brand identity called e& (pronounced eAnd). This new identity, developed by London-based brand consultancy Wiedemann Lampe, is designed to mark the ambitions transformation of Etisalat Group into a global technology and investment conglomerate.

Commenting on the launch, Sheikh Mansour, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, emphasised the importance of capitalising on opportunities that the fast-evolving business landscape continues to present in the age of technological disruption. He commended the efforts of e& in devising a more progressive business model that sustains its hypserscaling ambitions, promotes new ventures and partnerships, and maximises value across its operations.

He said, "The transformation of e& from a telecom company founded more than four decades ago in the UAE into a global influence in digitalisation highlights its role in upholding the UAE’s sustainable economic development and diversification plans. We commend e& for being the national champion that steers its global digitalisation leadership through pioneering advanced technologies, advancing ICT infrastructures, and fuelling geographic expansions while unlocking value."

As part of its strategy, e& will enhance customers experiences across all segments by ideating, designing, and delivering a range of innovative and breakthrough technologies, driven by its track record of success. This strategy is aimed at accelerating growth through the creation of a resilient business model that is representing the Group’s main business pillars.

Telecom will retain the previous branding identity while upholding the Group’s rich telecoms heritage, bolstering the Group’s strong telecoms infrastructure and maximising value for its customer segments, in the UAE and internationally. In addition, it will expand into new geographic markets while continuing to drive operational performance in the 16 markets where it operates.

e& life is focused on enhancing customer delight by becoming an integral part of the lives of its customers. The business pillar has already made robust plans to deliver next-generation technologies and digital experiences that will bring the world to the customers’ fingertips through smart connectivity platforms in entertainment, retail and financial services.

e& enterprise will be the driving force behind the digital transformation of governments, corporates and enterprises. Through its breakthrough technology solutions in cybersecurity, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as deploying mega projects, e& enterprise will create real business value as it continues to leverage on its expertise as a digital managed company having the strength and reach of a global trusted partner.

e& capital will act as a pillar for growth for the Group, as it drives new acquisitions and mergers in line with its vision for investing in ideas that make the future. Maximising shareholder value while strengthening global presence is key to the e& strategy to empower societies.

The evolution e& comes at the heels of the Group’s strong financial performance as well as several milestones that contributed to the transformation. More recently, e& ranked first in the Forbes MENA Top 10 most valuable listed companies in the UAE. The Group was also named the strongest telecoms brand in the world. Accumulating success year on year has taken place in light of the considerable investments the Group has made in maintaining its 5G network prowess, investing in breakthrough technologies, aggressive market penetrations, deploying megaprojects, driving smarter connectivity, and pursuing strong partnerships.