Atayeb Al Jabal, an identity designed to reflect authenticity
Posted on 2019 Oct,16  | By ArabAd staff

 Atayeb Al Jabal is a social impact enterprise and online catering platform that provides customers a shop for authentic 'mouneh' (provisions) and rural produced goods by empowering the home-based talented and vulnerable women.
Beirut-based local agency Surfface developed a brand identity to frame the founder’s initial concept.

Based on a handwritten logotype to reflect authenticity, an icon that embodies the oneness with nature, and an earthy bold color palette to stand for the women behind the brand, the identity components represent delicious and diverse brand attributes.
A variety of visuals were created to express each category while taking into consideration the shape, the material and the functionality of each package. The final outcome is a manifestation of the brand personality, which represents the main association of the brand with its target audience.