ADON Boost, a new digital tool designed to ease online advertising
Posted on 2022 Jan,17  | By ArabAd's staff

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Understanding that the major global challenges and technological advances have shifted at an unprecedented pace, Joe Farraj and Ghassan Ghaziri had the swift idea to introduce a new advertising tool into the Lebanese market to ease the way businesses and workers’ operate.

With the support of Swedish Tech, the two partners managed to launch ADON Boost, a digital platform based on the original Swedish Version (ADON News), which has shown a high success rate in both Sweden and Europe since launch.

What is  exactly ADON Boost and how does it operate? ADON Boost Managing Director, Joe Farraj and his Partner, Ghassan Ghaziri explain.


What's all about the AdOn Boost new offering? And who is it addressed to?

AdOn Boost is an online tool (website), which will be integrated as an app later on, that allows online advertisers to publish their ads on various popular websites. It combines all the advertising platforms into one consolidated platform in order to ease the job of an online advertiser, who could be anyone willing to advertise online—be it agencies, companies, retailers, service providers, individuals. Anyone can manage and run their own campaigns efficiently via ADON Boost.

It is designed to increase website owners’ revenue and therefore increasing traffic and website activity. ADON Boost connects business owners with customers through the most popular websites within their area.


Did you feel there was a dire need in the market for such an offering?
With the unprecedented pressure from accelerated adoption of digital services and the rise of digital behavior, we found a need for an easy way to combine all the advertising platforms into one consolidated platform to facilitate the job of an online advertiser, whoever it may be, and whatever their knowledge of digital is. The shifts in strategy and mindset that is expanding businesses nowadays is exactly what encouraged us to launch ADON Boost in the Lebanese market.


What's the added value of such a platform?

The platform itself is flexible, simple and very user friendly; and little knowledge is needed to continue the process. Advertisers can either upload a ready ad or use a template to create visuals that suit their need best. Moreover, we have demo videos and tutorial available on our YouTube page.

ADON Boost aims to facilitate the life business venture of local businesses and everything is done in that perspective. We offer an exchange rate of 3.000 (for now)LBP for each $ - and high design skills are not required. Also, it's a DIY platform. No automation needed. And the best part of it? There's no subscription fees, no fixed fees. It's tailored to fit any budget and need. With this being said, ADON Boost is keen on helping advertisers set up their ads on reliable websites and still be able to pay in LBP.


How many publishers have joined in and what is the benefit they get?

We have managed to sign contracts with popular Web owners in the likes of VDL News, LebanonOn, DiasporaOn, Lebanon Files and other popular websites with high reach and daily website visitors. When an advertiser books a spot on the web owner's website, the supplier (web owner) receives a fee at the end of the month for each impression booked on their site.


What's next for ADON Boost?

For now, ADON offers GIF ads, Still image ads, design templates as well as generating a landing page for businesses that do not have a website. Bidding, in-platform website builder, video ads, and more features are coming in soon. We are also building a mobile app to make it easier for advertisers to handle their campaigns while on-the-go.