The Journey to $2 Trillion: How Apple compares to other tech titans
Posted on 2020 Sep,02

Invezz have created an interactive graphic which visualises Apple’s dramatic rise to the top, compared to their rival tech companies and illustrates just how they left them in the dust.

Apple’s $2 Trillion market cap is nothing short of breathtaking, particularly so considering that the Cupertino-based tech giant has doubled its valuation in only 2 years. This spectacular feat has been heralded by many business and tech leaders alike, all the while, during one of the worst pandemics we’ve seen in over 100 years.

How have they done so? have created an interactive boat-race of sorts, which follows the company’s journey all the way back to 1986. It also tracks the valuations of the likes of Amazon, Alphabet Inc, Facebook and more. It allows the viewer to watch Apple’s market cap rise (and fall) over the days, weeks and months, whilst competing with other tech giants as they pop-up along the way.

Invezz also looked further into the market indicators and focused on Apple’s market share of mobile, table and PC markets, which all help show just how Apple have got to this historic figure.

David Merry of Invezz commented on this, “It’s been largely expected for Apple to break this boundary, however, it still doesn’t make it any less staggering. It also underlines the incredible work of Tim Cook, who’s since been able to fill the void of the charismatic Steve Jobs. Paying homage to the tech giant, we thought it would be interesting for tech enthusiasts to see Apple’s journey over the years, in a fun and interactive format.”