TikTok community comes together to #LearnOnTikTok
Posted on 2020 Dec,09

TikTok, the popular app for short-form mobile video has launched a series of challenges and activities to encourage users to learn through TikTok. 

Building on the increasing popularity of education content on the platform, TikTok is hosting challenges and live sessions throughout the next few months during which the most popular creators will be educating their users on key topics such as technology, science, art, language and history.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, TikTok has witnessed a shift in the way creators consume and create content on the platform as knowledge sharing and education has seen a massive growth of 300%. A new learning trend has emerged as the fully immersed, tech savvy TikTok community seeks life coaching tips, photography tricks and even learn new languages through 15 to 60 second TikToks.

This is why the brand has launched #LearnOnTikTok, the latest educational challenge which has garnered a whopping of 43 billion views to date. With a packed schedule of topic focused challenges and live sessions, the latest challenge is set to change the way users consume educational content online.

Rami Zeidan, Head of Video and Creative at TikTok said: “We’ve seen how hungry for educational content the MENA community on TikTok is and we wanted to provide them a platform where they can not only  teach but also learn from other creators in a seamless and engaging way. Through #LearnOnTikTok, we’re confident our community will be able upskill in their areas of interest and discover new passions.”

Starting December 4th, the week of science will launch on TikTok as users will have the chance to test their knowledge around science through the  #ScienceFacts hashtag and discover new chemistry experiments. Additionally, all art fanatics on TikTok, will have the ability, starting December 11th, to show off their favorite art or their own masterpieces by tuning into the #تعلم_الفنون or #ArtLearning. Art connoisseurs will also be hosting live sessions during this week.

Users can now get on TikTok and create educational content around things they’re passionate or knowledgeable about through the #LearnOnTikTok.