Four Social Media Trends to Look Forward to in 2017
Posted on 2017 Jan,18  | By Christina Fakhry

Here is a quick forecast of the trends to look forward to in 2017 in terms of online content. We’ve tracked down the most relevant predictions circulating among online experts to bring you a comprehensive roundup of the hottest fads to follow.

Imagination Overtakes Emotion

Social media posts have for the most part been either tailored around practicality (life hacks and tips of all sorts) or capitalizing on emotional appeal (touching stories/nostalgia-inducing stories) in recent years. But it looks like the online community is on the outlook for more prettiness and less pretense and thus beginning to favor posts with more ‘artistic’ undertones, notably with the proliferation of websites like Tumblr, We Heat It and VSCO. For one thing, this means that posts that revolve around beautiful imagery/sentiments are among the top contenders in terms of viral social media content as opposed to their realistic/reactive counterparts. Time to unleash your imagination!


The Demand for Immersive Vicarious Experiences Intensifies

Immersive online experiences such as Facebook’s 360 feature caught the attention of modern social media users who are now asking for more in terms of vicarious content. People no longer want to just hear sentiments and impressions about events but rather desire to feel like they’re actually part of them, which is bound to impact online communication strategies to an extent in the coming year.


Brands Opt for More Refinement

Instead of being all over social media at all times, it is likely that brands will be narrowing down their focus and pouring the bulk of their creative juices into the one social network that best fits/serves their brand’s image and values. Such refinement tendencies will hopefully allow social media creatives/managers to go deeper instead of going broader, thus enhancing the overall quality of their work and online interaction with consumers.


Expiring Content Continues to Thrive

With the rise of Snapchat and Instagram Stories, the average social media user today is eventually craving more temporary content. Such user-acclaimed online ephemera is set to deeply influence the way brands interact with their costumers and in turn promises to transform the communication strategies and scope of work of social media marketers. 2017 is most probably the right time to venture fearlessly into all things expiring!