Lebanese Ad Agencies on Instagram: Our Top Picks
Posted on 2016 Oct,22  | By Christina Fakhry

It is quite astonishing to see Lebanese advertising agencies, who often handle the Instagram strategies of a multitude of local and international brands and thus interact with the platform of an almost daily basis, not have a strategically relevant presence on the platform themselves. A simple observational roundup of these agencies’ Instagram accounts is enough to infer that most of them either have not logged into their account since 2013 or are on a once-in-a-lifetime posting frequency. This being said, it is important to note that a remaining few have nonetheless managed to establish a strong presence on the platform and are using it as a visual documentation tool of their work and creative philosophy. Here’s a quick roundup of our top picks!


Spirit Advertising 

•Posts: 475
•Followers: 1,987
•Following: 1
•Average number of likes per post (based on last 15 posts): 67
•Average number of comments per post (based on last 15 posts): 3
Spirit Advertising’s Instagram feed is dotted with a distinctive conceptual quality that makes it worth keeping an eye on. Their templates and occasion-related posts are minimalist in nature yet clever in terms of message, which gives them a consistent creative identity that sets them apart from their counterparts on the platform. They also know how to showcase their branding through neatly executed visuals and constantly back up their Instagram captions with relevant hashtags such as #creativity, #advertising, #branding, #aesthetics in addition to their official hashtag #SPIRITadvertising. 


Joe Fish

•Posts: 241
•Followers: 1,612
•Following: 67
•Average number of likes per post (based on last 15 posts): 63
•Average number of comments per post (based on last 15 posts): 3
Joe fish’s Instagram account delivers a more personal take on the agency life, with many photos and videos of the team at work and a number of posts about events they have taken part in locally and internationally. Starting June 2016, their Instagram strategy has been chiefly focused on showcasing their rebranding, initiated with the launch of their new blue emblem, an intermediate visual representation of the letter J and the fish symbol, on June 6. Their identity on the platform is characterised by vibrant colours and predominantly blue/green hues. They also try to incorporate their all-famous fish in posts whenever possible.



•Posts: 1,065
•Followers: 2,550
•Following: 916
•Average number of likes per post (based on last 15 posts): 55
•Average number of comments per post (based on last 15 posts): 2
WonderEight outshines its competitors in terms of Instagram followers, with a total of 2,550 to date. They are also the most active on the platform in terms of posting with a blistering 1,065 posts as of September 28. Their feed is predominantly split between numerous pictures of their work and designs in real-life settings (hence the large number of check-ins!) and frequent reposts from their clients’ accounts. Cleverly crowded and perpetually lively, their account is what they call a beautiful mess, in all the good ways.



•Posts: 242
•Followers: 378
•Following: 26
•Average number of likes per post (based on last 15 posts): 52
•Average number of comments per post (based on last 15 posts): 3
This house of creatives may not have as many followers on Instagram as other creative agencies but their frequent postings and consistent identity is what earned them a surefire spot on the list. In addition to its funky designs, colourful compositions and casual collages, FEER McQUEEN’s feed has managed to maintain a healthy balance between branded posts and spontaneous photographic moments. And their recurrent curly-haired blue character is a surely a winning element of their Instagram strategy.



•Posts:  73
•Followers: 363
•Following: 709
•Average number of likes per post (based on last 15 posts): 48
•Average number of comments per post (based on last 15 posts): 2
This digital agency made it to the list precisely due to its distinctive video content at a time when many of its counterparts either do not capitalise on video content or have remained entirely oblivious to its influence in their Instagram strategy. Their designs are simple, visionary and aesthetically pleasant and they definitely know how to utilise animated videos as a creative vehicle for storytelling.


Note: all numerical values listed below were retrieved as of September 28. Given the perpetually evolving nature of the social media landscape where Instagram constitutes a vibrant platform in and of itself, numbers may have undergone significant changes by the time you’re reading this article.