For the ultimate salty pinch, TBWA\RAAD’s Paula Zambrano and Grey Colombia’s Camilo Garzon win silver at the Young Lions Colombia
Posted on 2023 May,10  | By ArabAd's staff

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Paula Zambrano, Art director at TBWA\RAAD Dubai and Camilo Garzon, Senior Copywriter at Grey Colombia have been awarded silver at the Young Lions PR in Colombia. This award earned for the campaign titled 'The ultimate salty pinch: Refisal' is no mean feat, as the two managed to scoop silver and win over the 200 participants at the competition.

The Young Lions PR competition is part of Cannes Lions Creativity Festival and takes place in over 50 countries before gold winners are invited to compete in the final round at the Young Lions at Cannes during one of the most anticipated advertising awards of the year. The Young Lions competition is open to advertising professionals who are 28 years and under working in the advertising/communications businesses.

Following a briefing, young creatives are asked to highlight how PR can be effective in engaging audiences in a brave and bold way. They need to show how their strategies connect with core values, increase awareness and boost relations with relevant stakeholders. 

In Colombia every year the Young Lions competition is a huge event that includes more than six categories with often more than 100 teams participating in each category. The event holds its own ceremony too and delivers the medals for each winner.

This year, the brief involved Refisal, a renowned Colombian salt brand. Participants were tasked to change the mind of consumers regarding salt consumption. Nowadays, everybody thinks that salt consumption is really bad for the organism however, what is bad is the excess of salt consumption or the absolute lack of it. As a matter of fact, not having the right amount of sodium in your body could cause diseases and in some cases death; so based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) measures, young creatives were asked to raise awareness about salt consumption creating PR headlines for Refisal and making it the most loved brand for Colombians.

Paula Zambrano and Camilo Garzon's idea was to create condensed salt pinches, which have the exact weight recommended by the WHO per portion; when rubbed with the fingertips, it crumbles to be applied at each meal, making people unconsciously remember the exact amount to use. 

The aim was to educate people and raise awareness about the harm of salty food. The idea was based on Kinesthetic Learning, which refers to the ability to learn through movement and touch. This type of learning improves the capacity of informative retention and increases the understanding of all kinds of concepts, even the most difficult ones, which has been proven scientifically.

Through a compacting process, the two creatives applied uniform pressure to the crystals, and they condensed the salt, thus forming pinches of the recommended weight for each meal. During the salt consumption awareness week, they replaced the presentation of their products with Pizcas de sal (salt pinches), so people would be curious and begin to educate themselves. These pinches were easily crumbled by the circular movement of the fingertips and the natural heat generated by friction. They amplified this new presentation throughout different contact points such as Mupis, billboards, posters, social media, restaurants, corrientazos (popular cafeterias in Colombia) schools, stores, and hypermarkets. And they even sent it to Javier Hernández Bonnet a well-known journalist considered “the saltiest” person in Colombia, so he could also learn to use just a pinch.