Marketing: A Way of Thinking - A Way of Living
Posted on 2023 Dec,20  | By Roger Halaby, the Hanging Gardens Agency

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Roger Halaby, CEO of the Hanging Gardens Agency states that Marketing is more than a profession. “Marketing is a way of thinking, a mindset that could be applied to all aspects of life.

Once upon a time, in the beating heart of a Middle Eastern city, there lived a young lady named Nour. A fresh marketing graduate, she was fascinated by the world of marketing and eager to understand its nuances. Her journey, unbeknownst to her, would lead to personal and professional transformation, affecting her career and entire way of life.

Nour’s adventure began over afternoon coffee with a friend, who introduced her to a book by advertising guru David Ogilvy. Its opening words, "Let us march against Philip," sparked her curiosity. She delved deeper into advertising and marketing, realizing it was more than just selling products; it involved understanding the psychology behind people's desires and needs.

This book led Nour to explore works by Philip Kotler, Michael Porter, and Steve Jobs. Their insights became her guiding lights, revealing the essence of marketing. She learned that marketing is a mindset, applicable to all life aspects through creating experiences and emotional connections.

Influenced by David Ogilvy, Nour was drawn to the art of storytelling, understanding how effective copywriting could transform products into sensations. She analyzed successful campaigns, noting that successful marketing hinges on resonating with consumer emotions, exemplified by Steve Jobs' Apple presentations and Nike’s 'Just Do It' campaign.

Her study of consumer behavior became a key focus. She ventured into psychology, studying Freud, Skinner, and Cialdini, learning that decision-making is often a response to subconscious desires and needs. Philip Kotler's emphasis on consumer behavior and segmentation helped Nour view the world through these lenses, connecting dots and solving problems.

Nour's quest for deeper understanding led her to Michael Porter's "Value Chain" concept, uncovering the importance of creating added value. She observed that successful businesses offer unique value propositions, setting themselves apart and building loyal customer bases who become brand ambassadors.

As Nour immersed herself further, she affirmed that marketing principles were applicable to her life. They encompassed clear communication, understanding consumer psychology, setting goals, strategic planning, and creating value. These principles guided her in relationships, personal growth, community involvement, and life decisions.

Nour's realization that marketing was a way of life transformed her interactions with friends, family, and colleagues. She applied storytelling, empathy, and value creation in various aspects of her life, even seeing herself as a brand with a unique character and values.


"Marketing is a way of thinking, a mindset that could be applied to all aspects of life."


Her journey influenced those around her, proving that marketing was more than just a profession; it was an accessible and impactful field. She shared her knowledge, showing how marketing principles could enhance professional and personal lives.

Realizing the impact of her knowledge, Nour understood that marketing was not merely a career for financial success but a means to make a lasting difference in the world. Her achievements were measured by the positive changes she inspired and the lives she touched.

Nour's journey in marketing continues, a never-ending path of growth and discovery. Inspired by the marketing greats, she remains dedicated to mastering this art and science, aspiring to inspire future generations of marketers to seek positive change.

Marketing, as Nour discovered, is not just a job. It's a mindset, a way of thinking, and a way of living.

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