The Collapse of the Next Industrial Revolution
Posted on 2016 Apr,03  | By Naseem Javed

Now that all the brilliance of the mighty popular World Economic Forum - 2016 in Davos, themed as 'The Fourth Industrial Revolution', has been fully captured, streamed and indexed, it’s now time to find a revolt. The ‘Big Question’ that was never asked--was it really about the mastery of the fourth industrial revolution or a politically correct murmuring of a long overdue collapse of industrialised centricity itself?

The term ‘Industrial’ smoothly grinds us into the past century. The term 'Industrial Revolution' itself is a last middle century idea, which blossomed during both of the two world wars. Is it now seeking a new posture amongst collapsing economies or possibly as a precursor towards the lingering clouds of a new type of third world war?

The concept conjures pictures of massive robotised army divisions, drone-swarm missions and constantly agile armies of cyber warfare hackers. This is not where the world should be headed. This is not a Fourth Industrial Revolution. On the other hand, "The Third Industrial Revolution", a thought well prophesied by Jeremy Rifkin in his book by the same title in 2011 is still very, very far away.

If we are ready to move forward, shouldn’t all of the old industrial revolutions mentality, war-centric operations, occupations, repressions and divisive segregations be dead by now?

At this point of time, humankind is not trapped in any sequential array of numeric progression of industrialised stacked chimneys ghettos dragging us into 4th, 5th and 6th revolutions, and we are certainly not advancing towards the “50th Copper Age” or “70th Bronze age”; we are simply being liberated into a brand new “Global Age”.


Let’s explore the gradual arrival of this new ‘Global Age’.

glo-bal-a-ge: when the majority of the global populous simultaneously interacts with each other in real time; when the majority of global public consciousness surpasses all other forces and begin taking its own new shape; when the majority of the global pulse of hyper activity become simultaneously unstoppable new methodologies; when the majority of global populous recognises the same identical problems all over the world and seek globally workable answers; when the majority of minds connect together to stop abuse of mankind.


What’s good enough for everyone in the world will automatically become good enough for everyone’s local prosperity.

The secrets of the global age are hidden within the five billion online connected people called “alpha dreamers”: the new global age thinkers of the world, the new dream weavers of the mankind and the new wisdom for humanity at large.


Dreams always lay the foundations to build realities on.

Without dreaming there is nothing but fear, insecurities and panic. Alpha dreamers are well armed, each with a terminal of some type, internet savvy, and with the capability to mobilise intuitive wisdom to survive. World control and influences are increasingly not in the hands of a small percentage of power brokers but new tidal waves of the global age masses. The most obvious proof is hidden in the endless lingering and bickering over decisions and incapability of once powerful and fast action mighty government bodies.


We are at the dawn of the biggest and largest formation of global mindshare ever.

There is a new awakening where global consciousness is getting increasingly synchronised and where issues surrounding mankind take priority. This is unlike the previous millennia where at different cycles various groups and societies phenomenally flourished, while totally oblivious or concerned about others or the rest of the globe. Now it’s the globally pulsating, well connected, communication and the sharing of concern, presence and force by the second that unite all in a common cause.

The loud and powerful stentorian call will be heard. The global mind share will strive to survive the destructive ideologies and transform them for the betterment of humanity. The beast within will be tamed by the rapid fire access to truth and ‘real’ global information. Localised dogmas will die out.

The unique concurrence of human thought, blended with technology and basic artificial intelligence is creating ‘technocalamity’; this is a state where conventional and established business and lifestyle models are being erased by the seconds. The hyper acceleration of connectivity and the capability to process information quickly is combined with the deployment of basic and instinctive human knowledge. This is where the global mindshare is headed.

If at best it’s not the fourth industrial revolution, it’s the first layer of global consciousness and alpha dreamers and to be measured as the most powerful force ever known. It is the first great step forward during this new ‘global age’.


Now the next big question is what do we do now and how do we bring about global harmony?

The beneficiaries: Work engagement spaces without clocks and calendars, recliners and soft twinkling lights on the ceilings, maps of the world on every wall and best of the best communicating devices buzzing global traffic of dialogue…

Enemies: Not the dirty bomb but the Internet-Kill Switch, not the peak-oil rather prolonged below USD$20 oil prices, not the shortage of money rather the unlimited printing of currency…

Adjustments: Halt whatever you are doing and do not resume till you really figure why you are doing it. Old models are broken, dream out a new plan…

Alpha dreamers are welcomed… join the movement!    



Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher and founder of the Image Supremacy Movement. He is a world recognised authority on global digital trends, image complexities, how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. He is the founder of ABC Namebank, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. His recent work on entrepreneurial leadership and innovative performance Mentorian Worldwide is getting global attention.
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