16 content creators selected as part of MAGNITUDE's 'Digital Stars' program
Posted on 2023 Jun,05

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The Abu Dhabi-based digital marketing and transformation company MAGNITUDE announced the new stars of its ‘Digital Stars’ content creator learning program, a first of its kind in Abu Dhabi that aimed to elevate the skills and knowledge of digital storytellers in specialized fields.

The program’s 16 content creators were recognized for their exceptional contributions to promoting various untouched industries on social media platforms, including general education, sports, community affairs, cybersecurity and coding, space and astronomy, general education, sustainability, technology, real estate, and finance, among others.

‘Digital Stars’ was launched last February for a period of one month to enable video creators, streamers, and social media influencers the opportunity to train on posting meaningful, high-impact content that adds positive value to the community. Candidates were able to benefit from trainings across scripting, storytelling, filming, editing, branding, strategizing, and digital marketing.

Selected through a rigorous process that evaluated their skills and contributions, the content creators were chosen based on their dedication to producing impactful and educational content that adds positive value and knowledge and contributes to the communities in their specialized fields.

"We are thrilled to celebrate the content creators who have been selected as part of our ‘Digital Stars’ program," said Namrata Raina, Managing Director of MAGNITUDE. "We believe that supporting emerging online leaders is essential for the growth and development of the digital marketing industry, and by exposing them even further and giving them the recognition they deserve, we hope to inspire more people to explore new and exciting opportunities in these industries."

The ‘Digital Stars’ content creators have touched on content that is not typically seen in their respective regions, bringing attention to industries that have been largely overlooked.

"It is inspiring to witness the ingenuity and creativity of the content creators as they bring attention to underrepresented industries and subjects like cybersecurity, space, and sustainability, for instance," said Namrata. "This shift towards more practical and educational content is reflective of the changing needs of society and highlights the potential of social media as a tool for learning and professional development."

During the process, MAGNITUDE provided the content creators with the latest industry insights and best practices, ensuring that they were well-prepared to produce high-quality content that would allow them to embark on their journey.

"Their commitment to producing high-quality and innovative content that pushes the boundaries of traditional storytelling is a testament to their talent and unwavering dedication. Moreover, their unique perspectives and insightful analysis shed light on important industries that are often overlooked in social content," she added.

In the next steps, MAGNITUDE will continue to contribute to the success of the content creators.

"Now that the program is completed and the creators are well-equipped with the needed digital knowledge, we will still be contributing to the journey of the selected content creators in leading the industry by planning their social media strategies, introducing them to the top government and private entities, and giving them all the needed support to reach the summit of the digital world," said Alexandre Ghanem, head of the influencer marketing department at MAGNITUDE.

The content creators are Naema AlShehhi, Mohammed AlNaqbi, Rayan AlRaeesi, Ali AlBlooshi, Ali AlHammadi, Fatmah AlHantoubi, Alhasan Farajallah, Mohammed AlHeera, Anas Alhamoud, Nadine Zidani, Wafa Yahya, Saeed AlZubaidi, Ahmed AlKhawaja, Mahmood AlHosani, Yousif AlHammadi, and Fatma AlBlooshi.