Anterity joins hands with Joe la Pompe to offer a new service to avoid copycat campaigns
Posted on 2024 Apr,29  | By ArabAd's staff

Anterity has announced it is now offering its clients a new, qualitative, useful and original service: prior searches for advertising concepts and visuals. The offering draws on both the global multimedia base of its strategic partner Nielsen and the unique know-how and visual resources of the infamous copycat hunter, Joe la Pompe.


Anterity: a new service to embody a unique and global offer

The offer extends to prior searches for visuals and is based on an exclusive partnership with Joe la Pompe.

It’s a new chapter in the history of the company, which begins at the precise moment when Souslelogo (the company’s old name) celebrates its 20th anniversary. When it was created in 2004, Souslelogo was the “1st site dedicated to brand signatures”. In two decades, Souslelogo has built its reputation on searches for prior slogans in France and around the world. The new Anterity brand further embodies its new positioning.

Created by the Fondamenti agency, the name of course evokes anteriority, at the heart of Anterity’s mission. 

This elegant name also gives it a significant status. The sober typographic logo plays on a simple visual accident, an inverted “e” to indicate that it is oriented towards the past.


New: the search for visual and conceptual prior art 

To provide the most complete results possible from these searches, Anterity relies on its unlimited and exclusive access to the Nielsen database (18 million advertisements indexed worldwide in 70 countries). But not every visual is necessarily “indexed”, certain complex or conceptual research justifies additional research.

This is where Anterity innovates thanks to its unique collaboration with Joe la Pompe. Beyond its experience and its unique visual culture, it relies, among other things, on its own creative base (more than 40,000 campaigns archived over 24 years). 

From now on, agencies, advertisers and legal firms will also be able to order from Anterity's librarians, prior art searches for advertising concepts or visuals such as: campaigns that divert the works of Van Gogh, that feature Einstein, that integrate a flying car, with a black cat, etc. This, whatever the media used, mainly film or print.

Jean-Luc Gronner, director and founder of Anterity, notes: “The legal and economic interest of this type of research is obvious: avoiding litigation or the consequences on the reputation of advertisers, their agencies, the creative people, in the case of an identical or similar replicate of an idea or visual already exploited and generally protected by copyright." 

Joe La Pompe concludes: “I have been interested for years in the adventure of Souslelogo, which became Anterity. When Jean-Luc Gronner asked me to become a partner and bring my visual expertise to this new service, I immediately accepted, especially as I personally know the Anterity librarians and appreciate their professionalism. This now allows me to not only point out intentional or unintentional copies, but to now help communication professionals, particularly creatives, to protect themselves.”

When we come across a copycat case or lookalike campaigns, we tend to say it might be a coincidence or that the inspiration may have seeped into a creative’s subconscience without prior intent at malice. And one keeps wondering, is it just anther coincidence because great minds think alike. Well, now there is no more excuses!! Anterity is here to avoid pointing fingers, and suspecting creatives of recycling old ideas and selling them to unaware clients.

This is to to say that such a service is sure to be of great benefit to the ad industry, as the syndrome of copycat and lookalike campaigns has a chance to finally stop.