Create #withGalaxy campaign offers fans the chance to feature in an exclusive music video
Posted on 2021 Jan,05

Samsung Gulf Electronics is calling on all brand enthusiasts yet to be involved with the Create #withGalaxy campaign to visit the platform today to be in with a chance of appearing in the exclusive ‘Ain’t Gonna Stop’ music video.

Samsung partnered with regionally renowned artists Daffy and Flipperachi to develop the official Create #WithGalaxy track, and countless Galaxy fans have created amazing content after the brand introduced seven fun challenges available through the Create #withGalaxy platform last month. Samsung subsequently begun producing the music video of the song, which is available across online audio platforms and already listed in the Top Khaleeji Hits on Spotify. The first version of the track’s music video has already been released, gaining substantial attention with almost three millions views to date – a number that continues to rise daily.

Galaxy lovers have until Friday, January 15th to join the fun, make their videos, and enter the race to have a co-starring role and be seen by the masses across Samsung’s digital channels. Once fans’ videos are ready, all they need to do is share it on their social media profile using the hashtag Create #withGalaxy or directly upload it to the campaign page. Create #withGalaxy was specially designed for Galaxy enthusiasts passionate to create and discover and is the perfect stage to become involved with the project.

This campaign is designed to highlight the video capabilities of Samsung devices, as they invite fans to be more creative and express themselves like never before when making their videos. With challenges ranging from getting in close on something to showing off dance-like moves and changing colors and cool outfits, Galaxy fans have more power at their fingertips than ever before to create their content.