FoxPush Launches Middle East’s First Ever Supply-Side Platform
Posted on 2021 Oct,06

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Dubai-based FoxPush, the region’s first company to provide a full-stack solution for publishers and digital advertisers, has announced the launch of the first supply-side platform (SSP) built in the Middle East. The platform provides publishers access to available premium demand, delivers on requests from advertisers for more transparency and visibility of the marketplace, and helps to maximize revenue that buyers and sellers have made towards the brand management of their companies.

The supply-side platform offers support to web publishers to leverage the ad revenue and controls the ad space. By introducing SSP in the Middle East, FoxPush guarantees a 90%+ fill rate and aims to enhance the advertising space to a great extent. The new technology will help publishers to increase their revenue with premium advertising.

Imad Jomaa, Founder and President of JGroup said, “FoxPush provides an opportunity for publishers to enhance their offerings across the Middle East region. Supply-side platforms are among the leading players in the online advertising ecosystem, and the launch of the Middle East’s first built SSP is a milestone achievement for the whole MENA advertising industry. We are glad to see FoxPush keep on track with global innovation to quickly adopt the latest technologies to offer consumers within the regional market with the latest standards in the industry.”

FoxPush created a tailor-made platform for MENA-based publishers, keeping in mind all standard practices of the regional market. The company aspires to create a new benchmark that offers a unique lead generation tool built to improve user experience on publishing sites. The software has the functions to detect languages whether English or Arabic based on keyword assessment, domain link, and creative image of the ad; allowing publishers to block the appearance of unwanted ads on their pages.

Ahmed Elsayed at FoxPush commented “FoxPush is an innovative player in the supply side platform space, being the first organization to bring in certain aspects of the technology in the MENA region. We are excited to see the potential of the platform in the region and aim to strengthen the brand presence of companies across the region.”

FoxPush is among the latest investment ventures of JGroup and an addition to the varied businesses across multiple sectors helmed by serial entrepreneur, Imad Jomaa. Earlier last year, JGroup announced an investment of USD 15 million in FoxPush which launched a programmatic performance technology platform.