JGroup's Global World Media Services to represent three media entities within IMI Group
Posted on 2023 Feb,20


Global World Media Services (GWMS), operating under JGroup Holding, signed a series of agreements to commercially represent three media entities within the International Media Investments (IMI) group. As part of these agreements, GMWS will renew its partnership with Sky News Arabia, and also begin to represent The National and Al-Ain News under its portfolio of leading news platforms in the MENA region.

GWMS began its partnership with Sky News Arabia in April 2022, with a focus on utilizing cutting-edge digital media tools and solutions and leveraging its network of offices to increase Sky News Arabia’s commercial market share across the region. As part of this partnership, GWMS also developed a comprehensive and sustainable strategy that aims to further strengthen Sky News Arabia’s commercial offering for clients across the region.

This past year, The National and Al Ain News have experienced significant growth through digital advancements and expanded multimedia offerings. The National’s online audience has doubled, while Al Ain News has recorded an exponential increase in both audience and content viewership across their five languages.

This expansion has warranted their inclusion in GMWS's portfolio, indicating a strong growth trajectory and potential for future success.

“Global World Media Services is helping to provide customized advertising solutions for the network for UAE, KSA, Qatar, and Kuwait-based clients. Today, The National, Sky News Arabia, and Al-Ain News are seen as one of the most attractive options for advertisers looking to reach wider and relevant audiences globally,” says Imad Jomaa, founder and president, JGroup Holding.

"We are excited to expand our partnership with GWMS through this commercial agreement. This collaboration builds on our existing relationship and offers opportunities to attract more clients and reinforce the presence of our brands. We believe this collaboration will bring positive results and look forward to advancing our partnership to new heights and a prosperous future,” says Nart Bouran, CEO, IMI.

As the partnership expands to the next phase in 2023, Carla Abi Nader, sales director at GWMS, envisions exploring new avenues and opportunities to create additional value for the network. “During the past year, Global World Media Services has helped Sky News Arabia amplify and strengthen its regional footprint across the advertising landscape and media industry. As we continue to leverage data metrics and look to new openings across website and digital platforms, we are looking forward to supporting in the creation of increased value to the network in 2023 with The National and Al-Ain News’ addition to our existing propositions,” Carla comments.