MBC Media Solutions launches MMS Works to enable advertisers to place their ads on Shahid
Posted on 2023 Mar,21

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MBC Media Solutions (MMS), the commercial arm of MBC Group, announced the launch of its new self-serve platform, MMS Works, which will enable users to advertise on the world’s leading Arabic platform ‘Shahid’. 

MMS Works will enable brands ranging from SMEs, governmental institutions, to individuals with smaller businesses, and other new players into the digital advertising ecosystem to easily and effectively leverage Shahid’s over 25M Ramadan active users to maximize their brand’s presence on Shahid AVOD. 

Brands will be able to manage their own marketing campaigns on Shahid from start to finish, from choosing their ad formats, target audience, target impressions, to uploading their ads, paying online, and extracting their campaigns’ reports. Currently pause ads, native ads and in-stream ads are available for both display and video needs. In its second launch phase, the platform will be expanding its solutions and enhancing its user experience, along with an Arabic interface. 

“Shahid is the sought-after VOD platform for all Arab viewers, especially during Ramadan. With the increased content library offered since the beginning of 2023, all advertisers can now enjoy this meaningful scale-to-connect solution with their target audiences. The safe environment we offer is a testament of our continued commitment to offering our clients the most innovative and inclusive media solutions in the Kingdom and the region. MMS Works will expand the advertisement market potential and ease the way for brands to be present on Shahid, the world’s leading Arabic streaming platform,” said Ahmed Al Sahhaf, Chief Executive Officer, MMS.

He added that advertisers can now visit www.MMSworks.net and immediately connect with millions of Arabs from all over the world who tune into Shahid to watch the platform’s award-winning Arabic content. 

MMS launched the platform ahead of Ramadan to ensure that advertisers have full access to the highly anticipated and top-performing Ramadan 2023 content across drama, comedy, and more. In fact, once any new brand advertiser registers during Ramadan on MMS Work, and in the spirit of giving during Ramadan, MMS will offer a welcome promo code to help kick-start their campaign on Shahid.

By advertising on Shahid AVOD, brands will benefit from the streaming platform’s 100% safe environment for both advertisers and users. They will also be able to leverage the platform’s captive audience, who spend an average time of more than 3 hours in Ramadan per session and an average of 10.2 ad views per users.

It is also worth noting that Shahid is the first Arabic streaming platform to ever receive not one, but two International Emmy Award nominations for its Arabic original titles.