Marketplace X, a new unique platform of marketing placements launches in MENA
Posted on 2022 Nov,23

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Admitad, an IT-solutions provider specialising in Performance Marketing, has launched a new platform for the finding and providing of marketing placements - Marketplace X. Its launch will significantly increase the revenue opportunities for both brands and publishers across the MENA region. This move continues Admitad’s strategy - announced at the beginning of the year - of investing between $75 million and $100 million by 2025.

Admitad will use these investments to develop and launch a range of new partnership tools and services, open new offices and expand the company's infrastructure in priority countries and regions, ensuring the stable and continued growth of the company.

Marketplace X enables advertisers to find and connect with media publishers, negotiate their own paid partnerships and launch a range of marketing activities, placements and sponsored collaborations in addition to CPA campaigns.

These activities are delivered on a pre-agreed, fixed payment plan and feature several advertising placement options such as website banners, email newsletters, advertising campaigns across advertising networks, sponsored blog articles and more - all focusing on content, the most powerful and popular contextual advertising tool.

The Marketplace X platform is split into two easy-to-navigate notice boards - one for the advertisers, one for the publishers. Advertisers can post requests for the services they need, publishers can share the services they offer, and both parties can browse and meet potential partners.

Prior to Marketplace X, Admitad managers have already assisted more than 50 advertisers and 150 partners in teaming up and building promotional partnerships, yielding valuable results for all parties involved. An ever-growing demand for such opportunities has been a driving force behind the creation of Marketplace X, an open marketplace for advertisers and partners alike to find additional earning and promotion opportunities.

Artem Ozerkov, Head of Partnership Services, Admitad: “Marketplace X is a one-stop platform for all advertising opportunities - one that gives advertisers access to trusted, verified publishers. It enables publishers to receive direct offers from advertisers, open new income streams and diversify their revenue, receiving payment within two days, since Admitad works with advertisers on the pre-paid basis. Within the first days of its launch, hundreds of advertisers and publishers signed up to Marketplace X - and we expect our active user base to reach the 10000 mark within a year”.

By the end of the year, the company plans to invest an additional several hundred thousand dollars in developing Marketplace X. This will help to accelerate the introduction of many innovative, advanced tools within the platform and continually improve overall service quality.

Marketplace X is already available for use by external clients who have not yet worked with Admitad.