Pikasso Morocco acquires Large Formats in Casablanca
Posted on 2022 Jan,12

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Pikasso Maroc has acquired a collection of 10 Static Large Formats composed of 7 Walls & 3 Rooftops located in the most sought-after districts of the center of Casablanca in Morocco.

Casablanca is considered the Economical Capital and Business center of Morocco, with more than 4 million inhabitants, making it the largest city of the kingdom, and is home to the major national and international corporations.

Antonio Vincenti, Chairman & CEO of Pikasso, said: "The acquisition of a collection of Prime Large Formats in Casablanca is a natural evolution for Pikasso Morocco, whose Group DNA, resides in Roadside Panels. The Casablanca Collection is a perfect complement to our Malls and Retail offering.

“Morocco in addition to being famous for its very refined decorative arts, particularly the Zellige, has also a vibrant artistical scene. We are most honored to have had the opportunity to show the works of Ghizlane Agzenaï and of Meriam Benkirane. I would like to thank them and express my gratitude for their generous contribution, as well as express my utmost admiration towards their works.

On the occasion of the launch of the 'Casablanca Collection', Pikasso Maroc collaborated with two major Moroccan artists: Ghizlane Agzenaï and Meriam Benkirane, giving them full ownership of the network's Walls to create dedicated works of art.

Through this artistic initiative, Pikasso wished to contribute to the embellishment of the streets and districts where their Walls are located while aslo paying a tribute to the many great female artists of Morocco, says the press announcement.

Ghizlane Agzenaï, said: "Through this collaboration with Pikasso, I am very happy to be able to offer to Casablanca City a Totem to share positive energy, optimism and hope."

Meriam Benkirane added: "I am honored to present my works in my city, Casablanca, which inspired me with its energy and its rhythm, I have the feeling to give back a little of what I received from this city… and I am very happy.”