Promofix expands partnership with Blis to cover Turkey and France
Posted on 2022 Nov,07

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Promofix, a subsidiary and digital media arm of JGroup, is expanding its partnership with Blis to cover more markets in Turkey and France. Blis is a platform renowned for its privacy-first location-powered advertising and analytics. The new partnership has been formed to meet the growing demand for services and expand JGroup’s global network presence.

In a world where data is king and customer privacy crucial, companies struggle to find the right balance between sophisticated marketing strategies and maintaining their integrity.

Through its robust technology and relentless focus on privacy, Blis’ Smart Platform helps brands and marketers transparently connect with their target audiences. It enables marketers to reach precise audiences without reliance on personal data and through a truly anonymised audience targeting platform.

The platform delivers actionable location intelligence for brands through real-world and online data with unmatched accuracy and scale. It also uses behaviour and lifestyle indicators to profile and understand audiences through their location. As a result, brands can use these insights to create new digital experiences and conversion through clear media targeting.

Karim Hassan, Commercial Director at Promofix overseeing Blis’ business in the region, said: “We look forward to continuing to provide the same high-quality services that our clients value and to build strategic partnerships with agencies and clients in France and Turkey”.

Imad Juma, Founder and President of JGroup, said: “We are very excited to announce a deal that significantly increases Jgroup’s presence across different markets. Through this partnership, we can leverage our capabilities to create a synergy that benefits our client base and enhances location-based advertising in the markets we serve. We see this as a tremendous opportunity for both companies to expand the digital advertising ecosystem and reach”.

JGroup was established in 2003 and is led by serial entrepreneur, Imad Jomaa. The partnership expansion with Blis is based on a long-term strategic relationship between the two companies. The new agreement allows JGroup to offer an even wider range of innovative digital advertising products and help its customers succeed through innovative and creative solutions.