SOCIALEYEZ identifies key digital trends in 2023
Posted on 2023 Feb,03

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The Middle East’s renowned digital agency, SOCIALEYEZ, has picked out pivotal trends that will help brands to connect more effectively with their audience in 2023.

In a wide-ranging report, SOCIALEYEZ has identified mixed reality, content mix and user generated content (UGC) as just some of the tools that will be essential for successful digital engagement this year.

With the arrival of Web3 and the proliferation of new technology in 2023, mixed reality will continue to increase its presence on social platforms. Understanding the relationship between reality and the virtual world, therefore, will be a valuable skill for brands to master.

Content mix is an essential tactic for brands to successfully engage and cultivate followers through the transmission of fresh, exciting material. Whether it be text, image, video or live content, brands must identify channels that have been most effective for them.

Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity, Gen Z internet users are increasingly searching via TikTok and Instagram as opposed to Google. By searching through conversation, the younger generation are attracted to content that generates an emotional response rather than a precise search result.

Thanks to the boom of TikTok, user generated content (UGC) creators are enjoying a surge in popularity, as brands prioritise authenticity instead of believability to engender feelings of honesty around their product or service. Crafting a genuine experience for a brand is powering this evolution of creator partnerships.

The final trend highlighted by SOCIALEYEZ is a refinement of authentic advertising, especially as marketing budgets shrink in 2023. With mindful content at its core, advertising that sharpens its strategy and performance will efficiently hit the target for brands this year.

Heena Mak, Director of Strategy and Research at SOCIALEYEZ, said, “We stand on the brink of an incredibly exciting period for the digital world. Significant changes are afoot, which will impact the digital strategies of brands here in the Middle East and around the world. For successful audience connection in 2023, it’s imperative that brands utilise authentic content with a strong focus on storytelling and community. Here at SOCIALEYEZ, we are on top of emerging digital trends and look forward to driving engagement for our clients across a variety of mediums.”