Talaya Water introduces 'BeiRoutes', a digital portal that offers an enjoyable experience across the city
Posted on 2023 Dec,13  | By ArabAd's staff

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Talaya Water in Lebanon introduces ‘BeiRoutes’, a digital portal designed to assist runners, cyclists, and wheelchair users in discovering pollution and obstacle-free routes across the country.

Athletes in Lebanon, particularly in the capital Beirut, face manifold challenges during their activities. Their effective mobility confronts several obstacles like the garbage spread across the city streets, traffic congestion, reckless driving, and pollution make enjoying the city on foot a considerable challenge.

Talya Water’s goal is to assist athletes in discovering pollution-free routes in Beirut, creating an enjoyable experience for the entire community.

In collaboration with its agency TBWA\Raad, Talaya introduced a dedicated website where athletes and Lebanese citizens can share obstacle-free routes.

The platform dubbed 'Bei-Routes' - a clever play on words incorporating the word “routes” to the name of the capital Beirut—encourages a sense of community and allows everyone to share free pollution itineraries during their recreational on-foot activities.




Agency: TBWA\Raad Beirut

Walid Kanaan – Chief Creative Officer

Georges Kyrillos – Regional Creative Director

Jad Chidiac – Senior Art Director

Diana Georges – Regional Group Account Director

Georges Ghattas – Senior Account Executive