TikTok & MBC Media Solutions partner to bring best content during Ramadan
Posted on 2023 Mar,06

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TikTok has announced a renewed partnership with MBC Media Solutions (MMS), the commercial arm of MBC GROUP, to enable advertisers on TikTok to pair their ads with bespoke MBC content throughout the month of Ramadan, and beyond into 2023.

Building on the growing appetite for short form localized entertainment content, TikTok users across the region will have access to exclusive MBC Ramadan 2023 content across all the Group's TikTok channels, including upcoming hit shows and series featuring the return of Nasser Al Qasabi in Tash 19, Seen, Hekayat Waa’d, Ramez, Kafo, Minho Waladna and Sikat Safar.

During Ramadan 2022, 900 million views were generated by MBC's accounts on TikTok, as users took to the platform to watch, search for, and engage with the best of their Ramadan content.

In addition to TikTok's existing suite of marketing solutions, the Premium Publisher Program gives brands the opportunity to be present alongside the top beloved shows and series from MBC Group on TikTok. Advertisers keen on associating with MBC's high affinity programs, can now reach new, diverse, and engaged audiences on the platform, through TikTok users' For You Page.

Commenting on the partnership, Shadi Kandil, General Manager, Global Business Solutions, Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Pakistan – TikTok, said, “We are constantly looking to help brands get the most out of TikTok by solving for their diverse marketing needs. We are pleased to continue our partnership with MMS, supporting our clients in achieving strong brand awareness and affinity. Kicking off this partnership during Ramadan will allow brands to seamlessly integrate themselves into our users’ experiences this Holy Month, and leverage the momentum into the year."

Ahmed Al Sahhaf, Chief Executive Officer at MMS, said, “We are happy to be partnering with TikTok once again to make MBC Group’s highly anticipated Ramadan content available for brands to leverage. We are excited for brands to utilize the new Premium Publisher Program, as it will enable them to seamlessly place their ads adjacent to MBC’s top performing Ramadan content to better connect with their audiences and hence achieve their marketing goals. We look forward to another successful year with TikTok and hope to keep developing this partnership further year on year.”