TikTok highlights its range of family safety features with #SaferForYou initiative
Posted on 2022 Jul,25

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TikTok is reinforcing its efforts towards family well-being on the platform as part of their #SaferForYou program, with the launch of a series of elaborate video tutorials across the MENA region by parent creators Logina Salah and Fadi AlKhatib on how to activate and use TikTok’s wide range of resources and safety features designed to give younger users a safe and joyful experience on the entertainment platform.

The brand-new campaign featuring these step-by-step tutorial videos not only showcase the benefits of safety features such as Family Pairing, Restricted Mode, and Screentime Management for digital well-being on the platform, but also serve as a timely guide during the summer on the tools that allow users to control privacy preferences and access content that they feel is most suitable for them.

Commenting on the campaign, Farah Tukan, Head of Public Policy at TikTok Middle East, Turkey, Africa and Pakistan, said: “Parents play a leading role in their teen’s digital journey, and that’s why partnering with influential family creators such as Logina Salah and Fadi AlKhatib will help us raise further awareness around online safety for our youth. TikTok’s suite of safety features are constantly being updated and enhanced, reflecting our firm belief that there is no finish line when it comes to protecting the safety, privacy, and well-being of the community. Through this collaboration, we want to highlight and remind users of the safety tools and content controls that continue to make TikTok the preferred platform for inspiring creativity and bringing joy in a positive and safe way that benefits all.”

In line with TikTok’s industry-leading steps to educate and inspire teens to adopt positive online habits, the Family Pairing function allows parents and teens to customise their teens' safety settings based on individual needs and preferences. 

As part of the new campaign, Logina Salah and Fadi AlKhatib put their own creative spins to demonstrate how parents can link their TikTok account to their teen’s and set controls for Family Pairing functions including setting time limits on how long teens can spend on the platform each day, restricting their exposure to content that they feel may not be appropriate or suitable, deciding whether they can search for certain content, people, hashtags, or sounds, manage their accounts as a private account, limit who can send messages to teens or even turn off direct messaging completely.

Families across the region have already benefitted from TikTok’s enhanced safety controls offered by Family Pairing and other features since their launch – the new campaign brings their experiences to all TikTok users in the region in order for everyone to unlock and apply these features to significantly enhance family safety on the platform.