Tony Khalife discloses his new media project: 'Al Mashhad'
Posted on 2022 Jun,08  | By ArabAd's staff

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Following the announcement of the launch of a new TV channel and digital platform, Lebanese journalist Tony Khalife discloses in a short video his new media project, which comes to light before the end year.

With years of experience in the field of radio and television, the TV talk show host and program presenter is embarking on a new journey with this media project dubbed 'Al Mashhad', a privately owned, independent multi-platform news channel spearheaded by the renowned journalist along with a cohort of investors.

"Al Mashhad" so named because for every story, act, viewpoint, and event, there is a SCENE--which translates to Mashhad in Arabic.

With correspondents and journalists based all around the world, true to its name, Al Mashhad promises to offer a holistic and unique view tailored and curated for the Arab viewer.

Led by a seasoned team of industry professionals, who are creating compelling content that presents issues of importance to Arabic viewers in a bold and refreshing way, Al Mashhad will offer a variety of programs and will broadcast from Dubai, UAE.

The content includes a new talk show hosted by Tony Khalife featuring opinionated personalities exploring issues of Arab and international importance. The platform seeks to cater to different audiences across the MENA region and will also run content ranging from News, Sports, High Tech and social talk shows to general Entertainment, Documentaries and satire shows.

In a press announcement, it is stated that the new innovative platform will push the boundaries and deliver brave and edgy content that maximizes the evolution of technology by mixing television and digital broadcasting.

Al Mashhad aims to fill a gap to inform and engage younger generations and capitalizes on the generational shift towards digital consumption in the region.

The platform aims to act as a media forum for Arab youth where they can communicate, voice their concerns and express their thoughts and views.

The new media project incorporates political TV shows, social talk shows, and satire TV shows built on Arab reality and the surrounding scene.

Social media will have a prominent place in the channel's shows, confirms Tony Khalife.

Khalife has shared that viewers and interested individuals can follow closely and stay updated with the pre-launch preparations on announcing and revealing the platform's name.

The platform will continue to announce prominent names that have joined Al Mashhad's team, handpicked from other well-known media channels. Al Mashhad is also prepared to have a strong digital presence with updates and news found across all Al Mashhad’s social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube, including the channel's official website.