WPP and Optimizely join forces to bring informed digital experiences to brands and consumers
Posted on 2023 Aug,09

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WPP has entered into a global strategic partnership with Optimizely, one of the industry’s leading digital experience (DXP) platform providers. 

As WPP’s first dedicated digital experimentation partnership and Optimizely’s first global strategic partnership, this joint offering aims to demonstrate the two organisations’ commitment to supporting clients in delivering optimised digital experiences to each and every customer. 

With consumer expectations at an all-time high, Optimizely will help WPP’s enterprise clients unlock digital innovation and potential.

As a platinum partner, WPP clients will have full access to Optimizely’s full suite of DXP tools including content marketing, content management, commerce and experimentation. By implementing these tools, companies can use data to continuously develop digital experiences that maximise conversion and engagement, leading to efficiencies and a greater return on development investment.

Notably, the partnership also offers clients seamless integration with Optimizely Web Experimentation and Google Analytics 4 (GA4), in light of Google’s upcoming September phase out of Google Optimize, its web analytics and testing tool. WPP and Optimizely are teaming up to support the seamless transition to a new experimentation platform to help brands deliver relevant content and features.

The announcement comes after WPP has been working with Optimizely for 17 years across brands like ACCO Brands, Aegon, Oister and more.

Stephan Pretorius, Chief Technology Officer at WPP, said: Powerful creativity and effective media strategy can be wasted if brands do not also prioritise conversion. Optimizely’s platform provides data that allows brands to maximise the chance of driving customers through the ideal journey across channels, and we’re excited to develop a joint offering to take to our shared clients.”

Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely, noted: “The world’s leading companies must have world-leading digital experiences, which can only be achieved through a test and learn approach. Together, WPP and Optimizely will ensure customers get the most out of their experimentation programmes so they can turn insights into increased conversions. We are thrilled to kick off this partnership.”