BENEFIT ‿ and us pits their new in-app petrol payment service against everything else
Posted on 2020 Jun,22

BENEFIT and Bapco have teamed up to provide cashless petrol payments on Bahrain’s popular BenefitPay application.

To dramatize just how fast petrol payments on BenefitPay are, they have released a series of six films starring popular Bahraini influencer Ahmed Rasheed that show him go head to head with a series of characters as he dramatically pits BenefitPay’s speed against an increasingly surreal series of simple, everyday activities like applying lipstick, tying a tie and blowing out birthday candles.

Hamad BuSaad, Manager Marketing at BENEFIT said: “We wanted to dramatize how BenefitPay’s intuitive functionality made paying for petrol easier, faster and simpler than cash. But instead of just showing our app going head to head with cash, we thought it would be fun to show the app going up against other everyday activities too. At an average of just 5.2 seconds per transaction, using the app isn’t just the fastest way to pay for petrol – it’s pretty much the fastest activity anyone can do in their car.”

Fadi Yaish, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of ‿ and us agency in Dubai, said: “Bringing these films to life was a very gratifying experience. Traditionally to achieve this kind of quality, agencies have looked to production facilities in Lebanon or Egypt but during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak we had to look to more domestic solutions. We’re very proud to have achieved world-class quality using Bahraini talent, shot on location in Bahrain.”

Benefit (Bahrain's Electronic Network For Financial Transactions) is a giant tech company and a pioneer leader specialized in providing the financial and banking sector in Bahrain and across the region with top of the line technologies to forge strong and lasting connections with their customers.

Bapco (Bahrain Petroleum Company) has been at the forefront of developing Bahrain’s human capital. Bapco currently owns a 267,000 bpd refinery, along with storage facilities for 14 million barrels and marketing and marine terminals for its portfolio of petroleum products.




Hamad Busaad – Marketing Manager
Nezar Maroof – AGM Marketing & Innovation
Ahmed Al Mahri – Manager, Business Services

Agency: BENEFIT ‿ and us

Fadi Yaish – CEO and Chief Creative Officer
Mahmoud Jaber — Business lead
Steve De Lange – Senior Creative Director
Giovanni Borde – Design Director
Serena Chemaly – Head of Content and Video Production
Film Production — The Casting Studio

Director — Ali Alriffai
DOP — Mazen Adel

Content Production — BlackBox