NESCAFÉ parodies tech launch events in its new packaging launch
Posted on 2020 Oct,28

NESCAFÉ 3in1 changed their packaging earlier in the year. The launch of the campaign coincided with the annual Apple Keynote address, an event where Apple announces to the world their new products and innovations. This year, it is the iPhone 12 that was revealed. Hence, NESCAFÉ decided to announce its new look by parodying tech company product events.

These tech events are often huge and impressive only that sometimes one realizes that not much has changed in the product itself – this is what NESCAFÉ leaned into, reminding their consumers through a series of quirky short videos that the coffee hasn’t changed, just the packaging.

The parody is tip-top, as the creative team at Publicis ME got everything right to look real: from the tech guru, to ‘world-class designers’ and high-definition product shots.

By creating a product launch, with its own lexicon of high-tech coffee-specific jargon, high-def imagery and over-the-top descriptions, they’ve parodied everyone’s go-to coffee mix into the world of new tech and let people know that their coffee wasn’t going to change.



Agency: Publicis ME

Associate Account Director: Abed Hassouna

Arabic Copywriter: Anas Shaherli 

Associate Creative Director: Jaison Ben

English Copywriter: Jessica van der Berg

Art Director: Marco De Albuquerque 

Client Service Director: Maya Khammar

Agency Producer: Mayssa Al-Azem

Multimedia Designer: Raef Baskharon 

Multimedia Designer: Ritu Poojari

Senior Account Executive: Sabine Abdallah

Digital & Social Media Director: Wassim Haddad

ECDs: Rana Najjar & Rafael Augusto


Regional Marketing Manager: Arifa Hussain

Business Executive Manager: Raef Labaky

Brand Manager: Seif Eldeen Hamdy 

Director: Bevan Cullinan


Dreamworks Dubai

Picture Tree South Africa

Post production: OPTIX Dubai

CGI Packshots: ArsThanea

Sound: BKP