The Emirates Invites the World to Dream as Big as They Do
Posted on 2020 Jul,28  | By ArabAd staff

The Emirates, in collaboration with global superstar Kevin Hart, will make your biggest dreams come true.

The Emirates has led an unprecedented journey of development. In less than half a century, it has grown from a sparsely populated desert to a global destination, a business hub, and a land of opportunities.

Established on the inspiring principle that “the impossible is possible”, the young nation has gone beyond housing an array of record-breaking landmarks and touristic destinations to becoming a vibrant melting pot and commercial hub that brings together over 190 nationalities in true harmony, equality, coexistence and peace.

Based on these extraordinary globally recognized achievements, The Emirates Nation Brand conceptualized and launched a campaign set to inspire and uplift similar aspirations all over the world. Entitled Mars Shot, the campaign launched on Tuesday 7 July and saw the Emirates teaming up with global superstar Kevin Hart.

Since the campaign is tied to, and inspired by, the launch of the Hope Probe that embarked on its Mars mission on 20 July 2020, the hope is that people around the world will recognize that, as a country, the Emirates strives to make dreams come true – dreams like launching a probe to capture the first ever complete picture of the Martian atmosphere – and for people to be inspired on a personal level to act on their own dreams.

“Our country’s founding fathers set us on this visionary course right from the start, when they dreamed of turning the desert into the home of millions. Their ambition has become ours and we’ve never stopped aiming higher,” said Khaled AlShehhi, Executive Director Marketing & Communications at the Ministry of cabinet affairs and the future, Public Diplomacy Office. “We know what it takes to make the impossible possible and now invite the world to dream with us. The Mission to Mars is the perfect vehicle for our dreams and with this campaign, we're breaking new ground right here on Earth.”

Over the stretch of a few weeks, Mars Shot has drawn dreamers from across the globe to submit their biggest aspirations, of which three winners will soon be picked through judging and public voting. As promised, The Emirates Nation Brand will be helping the winners achieve their biggest life dreams. It’s a big promise from a brand, and a personal one, which makes this campaign all the more appealing.

The dynamic partnership between FP7 McCann Dubai and The Emirates Nation Brand resulted in creative work that speaks to the ambitions of all people, from all walks of life. It’s a truly inspiring campaign that, in every phase, encourages people to make their own impossible possible, while celebrating the remarkable achievements and ambitions of what can objectively be described as the most ambitious country in the world. The campaign will end on August 5 when the winners will be revealed in an exciting and star-studded live event.  



Brand: The Emirates Nation Brand



The Emirates Public Diplomacy Office

Khaled AlShehhi (Executive Director Marketing & Communications)

Hamdah AlBigishi (Head of Creative)

Latifa AlMarzouqi (Social Media Manager)

Ghaya Albannay (Social Media Specialist)

Sonal Vara (Talent Management)

Mohamed AlAli (Technology Manager)

Sherouk Maher (Snr Copywriter)


FP7 McCann Dubai

Fouad Abdel Malak & Oliver Robinson (Regional ECDs)

Paulo Engler (Snr Art Director)

Nerine Gardiner (Snr Copywriter)

Manar Abdallah (Snr Copywriter)

Lucas Fuse (Motion Designer)

Deydson Rocha (Snr Editor)

Nadine Kazan (Group Account Director)

Salim Mroueh (Snr Account Manager)

Georges Enkiri (Account Executive)

Anis Zantout (Regional Head of Digital)

Tahaab Rais (Regional Head of Strategy)

Chimene Azzi (Social Media Manager)

Tamara Arbid (Content Manager)

Tala Chalabi (Content Maker)

Lijo Matthew (Graphic Designer)

Shebin Mohanan (Digital Designer)

Nadeem Ahmed (Graphic Designer)

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