Finding Women in the Workplace Shouldn't be this Hard
Posted on 2017 Feb,25  | By ArabAd staff

Entitled "Finding Her", this press campaign created by DDB Dubai for UN Women Egypt aims to draw attention on women's underrepresentation in Egypt's workforce - specifically those up-and-coming sectors of science, technology, and politics.

The campaign consists of three print advertisements where the audience is challenged to find via incredibly-detailed illustrations the only woman in these three different workplace settings.

DDB Dubai has worked with award-winning duo from Hiroshima, Japan, IC4Design, known for their dense and fun landscapes, which have been used in advertising, books, editorials and online. The Japanese duo came up with these stricking 'Where's Waldo'-inspired ad illustrating a multi-storey cross-section of a space station, a parliamentary building and a research facility.

Each image is adorned with a banner stating the campaign’s message: ‘Finding women in [technology/politics/science] shouldn’t be this hard. Let’s work together for equal representation in the workplace.’ The campaign reportedly ran in several magazines across Egypt and is already being shared online.

In Egypt, women make up only 23% of the workforce. “Even though the percentage of women in the workforce is so low, the issue still goes largely unnoticed. By creating these elaborate ads that you really spend time looking at, we wanted to raise awareness for the cause,” says DDB Dubai Executive Creative Director Firas Medrows.

Carried out by UN Women Egypt in relation to the 2017 theme of the International Women’s Day on 08 March “Women in the Changing World of Work”, the “Finding Her” campaign falls under the umbrella of UN Women’s global campaign “Planet 50-50 by 2030 – Step it Up for Gender Equality”, which calls upon governments to address the challenges that are holding women back from reaching their full potential.

Now get your magnifying glasses and try finding the lone female worker in these ads. 



Client: UN Women Egypt

Agency: DDB Dubai

Executive Creative Director: Firas Medrows

Group Creative Director: Zahir Mirza

Associate Creative Director: Hande Güler

Art Director: Andreas Schwitter, Hande Güler

Copywriter: Victor Haffling

Planner: Hend Raafat

Illustrator: IC4Design

Media Agency: OMD Cairo