Moe Minkara: ‘In Lebanon, it is a live day by day situation’
Posted on 2024 Mar,14

For an outside observer, the advertising industry in Lebanon is showing signs of revival. However, the actual situation is far from rosy. Moe Minkara, founder and Executive Creative Director of the fast growing creative agency Mink, shares his take.

What is the new normal for you, and what practices have changed in your agency to attain a new modus operandi compatible with the current state of the market?

Creativity, Consistency and Discipline are the three values that have helped us make it through the years.  Nothing has changed in 2023 except that we have added a bit of elasticity.


Can you say that we are back to ‘business as usual’ in Lebanon?

There is a definite feel of “business as usual” in Lebanon at the moment. But to be honest, there is nothing really usual about it. It almost feels like driving a supercar on the streets of Beirut without having an insurance policy. You know the slightest pothole will hurt financially, but you still try to enjoy the ride as long as it lasts.


What is needed to re-build a prosperous and thriving industry?

Brands to believe in Lebanon and to invest in agencies. Agencies to believe in Lebanese brands and to invest in local talent.


How concerned are you about the economic picture?

We are a cash economy. You can’t plan, predict, invest or build based on a cash economy. It is a live day by day situation. 


"Lebanon is like a pitch; you go in with all you have regardless of the outcome."


What’s the biggest factor that you think will affect your planning in 2024?

You can’t plan in Lebanon. You can only take calculated risks. Lebanon is a mistake away from war. How can anyone confidently plan while knowing that?  Nevertheless, we will not stop building our agency. Lebanon is like a pitch; you go in with all you have regardless of the outcome.


What are some of the emerging threats marketers will face as they look for sources of growth in 2024?

Lack of marketing budgets and insufficient creative talent in the country. 


Also what key trend you believe will disrupt existing global marketing practices in 2024? 

Ai… it is crazy how fast Ai technology is developing. Everyone should use AI in all of its forms as a tool to work smarter and be more efficient.


What are your top priorities as an agency for 2024 in terms of business objectives?

To keep finding creative solutions to business problems, regardless of the nature of the problems.