Five Lebanese Photography Accounts to Follow on Instagram
Posted on 2016 Oct,23  | By Christina Fakhry

There are plenty of widely popular Lebanon-themed Instagram accounts that share and repost beautiful photos of the country on a daily basis, garnering thousands of followers on the platform and popularising a number of trending hashtags along the way. But today, we invite you to rediscover Lebanon through the lens of five non-generic Lebanese Instagrammers who have managed to capture the authentic spirit of the city with a striking personal touch. And although these accounts might not have gotten the same exposure bestowed upon their more generic counterparts, the flair and individuality of their photographic quality is what makes them worth keeping an eye on.


Catherine El-Khoury 

This account captures the genuineness and beauty of Lebanon’s streets through El-Khoury’s beautifully composed, vibrant photographs. Vintage cars, old window shops, street food and quaint city corners come together to create a charmingly nostalgic canvas of life in the city, peppered with a revitalising personal twist that will have you longing for more.


Yahya Khaled 

An exquisite blend of individual observations and unusual aesthetics, this account is your best bet for a different, more seasoned outlook on Lebanon’s people and places. From street photography to urban portraits of Lebanese celebrities, Khaled’s photographs transcend conventional notions of beauty to bring you a unique depiction of the country in all its flavours.


Pamela Hachem

Subtle colours, faceless portraits and gorgeously scattered landscapes intertwine to convey the shifting yet equally breathtaking moods of the city with an exceptional eye for detail and perspective. But what makes this account a true standout on the artistic level is Hachem’s #PortraitsOfWhatYouLove series by which people from around the country pose with their favourite objects covering parts of their face to pay homage to whatever it is that stirs their souls.


Karl Mansour 

This account follows the architectural musings of a Beirut-based architect on a perpetual journey of exploration and inspiration. Beautiful lines and attractive angles are a staple of Mansour’s photographic approach, which unfolds in an artistically pleasant visual documentation of the country’s structural heritage in a refined interplay of style and symmetry.


Ghassan Ouais 

Drawing upon his background as a painter, Ouais is all about sprinkling reality with a dash of fantasy in his photographs, where the beauty of nature meets the stillness of the moment to generate a perfect representation of the underlying duality of Lebanon’s cultural heritage and composition.