Beitna, the Middle East’s first 'social house' about to be launched
Posted on 2021 Feb,12  | By ArabAd's staff

Jordan-based Ilna Collective is preparing to launch a creative social house under the name Beitna, which in Arabic means 'our home'.

This new initiative follows different social houses that have been sprouting up across the globe such as The Hype House, which are meant to act as the seeding ground and launch pad to where most of TikTok creators like Charli D'Amelio and the likes started or lived in. 

Essentially, and unlike its counterparts in the west, Beitna will not be an overnight house, rather, a space where creatives and talents are incubated to co-create content.

Beitna is indeed designed to be a hub dedicated to nurturing, enabling and empowering creators to develop original content where the necessary equipment, funds, space and knowledge sharing will be provided.

Beitna is being developed under the strategic supervision of ILNA Collective. So the way this works is by utilizing the creator roster within Beitna to develop a challenge, dance, new sounds or otherwise, and share it across residents' own platforms, ultimately gaining traction through their following and becoming a trend through the network’s collective reach.

Under the guidance of ILNA Collective, creators will have access to a plethora of tools needed to develop content, and will also be at the helm of pitch process, where ideas are developed and generated. Their ultimate goal is to eventually get these local talents to crack into mainstream pop culture, and especially on TikTok.

Since the announcement of the program, Ilna Collective has received more than 280 applications from the local community who presented themselves as prospective contenders to the house, and the Ilna Collective team is currently reviewing all applications with TikTok to shortlist 8-12 talents and creators who are set to kick start the house and whose name will be revealed by the end of February. 

Saif Hidayah, the Founder of Ilna Collective and Curator of the Beitna initiative, explained that each of the selected content creators have something unique to offer.

"Ranging from music, dance to fashion and beauty, our aim is to cater to the diverse community that shapes our region. We decided to go with the application route as opposed to selecting content creators with large following(s) because we wanted to find new talent with potential. We also wanted to be inclusive," said Hidayah.

In short, Beitna is a regional first coming soon out of Jordan, a content house designed to enable and empower the Arab youth through the force of community and creativity.