Lebanese Ad Agencies on Facebook: Our Top Picks
Posted on 2016 Oct,21  | By Christina Fakhry

It seems Lebanese ad agencies fare better on Facebook than they do on Instagram as most of them have established some kind of a relevant presence on the platform, even if not all of them have been consistent with their posting frequency and overall digital marketing approach. Below is a quick roundup of our top picks, in no particular order.



TBWA \ RAAD is a pioneer among its competitors when it comes to using new features such as Facebook Live and 360 photos/videos. They are clearly embracing the video trend to the fullest and have been experimenting with technique across different types of events, which keeps their page trendy all while making it more useful for modern-day ad enthusiasts to keep it under their radar.



Joe Fish

Joe Fish is one of the most widely followed Lebanon-based ad agencies on Facebook with over 20k likes on their page to date. In terms of posts, they pretty much post the same visual material on Facebook and Instagram and pepper their photos with snappy, clever captions that never fail to entertain. They also gain extra points for being the only agency to have thrown an actual contest on its Facebook page in the past couple months.


Leo Burnett Beirut

While their Facebook page may not have the most likes compared to its counterparts (3,017 to date to be specific), Leo Burnett Beirut are one of the most active in terms of posting frequency. They keep an eye on current events, feature interesting reads from time to time and share posts from fellow Leo Burnett Facebook pages, while also posting spontaneous pictures of their personnel in action.




What mostly distinguishes FEER McQUEEN from its competitors in terms of Facebook content would be their current, well-written and multidisciplinary blog posts that are both relevant and useful to people working in the advertising business. Their post templates/designs are predominantly vivid and colourful and they capitalise regularly on fun/beautifully executed GIFs to keep their audience entertained.



This creative boutique is one of the most active on Facebook when it comes to sharing and showcasing its creative work for a wide range of clients. They have also created separate albums for their ads and branding that are regularly updated with their latest projects which helps users keep track of their creative identity and evolution.