Burger King Iraq unveils Levant's first 'Fake Out of Home' concept for its Grand Majidi Mall opening
Posted on 2023 Sep,22

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For the first time in Levant, Burger King Iraq has launched a unique advertising campaign that is turning heads and sparking conversations.

To celebrate the opening of its 13th location at Grand Majidi Mall in Erbil, the brand introduced a "Fake Out of Home" (FOOH) concept. It used its front store as permanent billboard, turning it into an eye-catching landmark. Imagine walking by a site where a Burger King crown seems to blend seamlessly into the cityscape. The illusion is so convincing that it prompts a double-take.

"We're ecstatic about the public's reaction," says Halwest Qader, Marketing Manager of Burger King Iraq. "FOOH not only captures attention but also provides an interactive experience. Although our initial goal was to build buzz for the new opening, what we've achieved transcends that: we've become a conversation piece within the community."

Fatema Mohammed, Brodmann’s Senior Communication Executive, echoes this enthusiasm. "This project has been an incredible journey. FOOH is all about breaking the mold, and we accomplished it in just four days."

Fatema goes on to discuss the detailed planning that went into the FOOH installations. "Attention to detail was essential. From selecting the angle to scaling the crown, our objective was to create an experience so realistic it would ignite conversations."

Pulling off a campaign this ambitious required specialized expertise. "It felt like executing a Hollywood set but in real life," says Peshang Ahmed, Brodmann’s Industrial Design Lead, who was responsible for the project. "We had to consider numerous factors, including lighting, texture, and location. Each element needed to contribute to an illusion so believable that the public would be captivated. That's the true allure of FOOH—it engages people precisely because it seems almost too good to be true."

Peshang adds, "Our goal was not merely to make a statement but to leave a lasting impression."

In a market like Iraq, where cutting-edge advertising techniques are still relatively new, Burger King Iraq's FOOH campaign has set a new industry standard. This multi-faceted campaign has people talking—online, in coffee shops, and across various social settings.