Lexus’ Saudi space expedition online coverage gains impressive views
Posted on 2023 Jul,14

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Lexus, in corporation with MBC Media Solutions (MMS) launched a digital campaign promoting Saudi Arabia’s space mission—garnering massive views & engagement online.

Saudi Arabia’s historical mission, saw the Kingdom’s first ever astronauts Ali Al-Qarni and Rayyanah Barnawi – the first Arab Muslim female astronaut –travel to the International Space Station and back.

The campaign covering the space journey was published across MBC Group’s Twitter account. It gained an impressive 9.9 million views, with a 41% view rate and 28.8 million impressions.

The corporation promoted the 10-day scientific mission, which was of significant benefit to human advancement and ensured the Kingdom’s leading role and position in space exploration.

The scientific expedition onboard the International Space Station included 14 groundbreaking experiments: six focusing on the brain and nervous system, four on immune cells, and one on cloud seeding technology.

Commenting on this corporation, Mazin Jameel, Marketing Managing Director, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors - Lexus, stated, "We are proud to have been a part of promoting this historic space mission that comes in line with one of Vision 2030’s objectives of transforming the Kingdom into a knowledge-based economy. This milestone underlines Saudi Arabia’s continued efforts to position itself as a leading regional and international hub in the field of space science and technology. At Lexus, we have always embraced innovation, excellence, and the pursuit of extraordinary experiences. This corporation exemplifies our commitment to supporting initiatives that push boundaries and inspire the next generation of leaders in science and technology."

Nadim Samara, Chief Commercial Officer, MMS added: “We strive to continuously provide brands with the best opportunities to be a part of significant moments and memories of audience’s lives. We are happy to have been a part of this campaign, which promoted this historical moment that will forever be engrained in the lives of viewers in the Saudi & the Arab world.”