TikTok's Season 2 of 'Moving Topics' features Nissan and TBWA\RAAD
Posted on 2024 Mar,18

TikTok MENA launched the second season of its 'Moving Topics' on-the-go automotive mini-series featuring leading automotive figures and marketing experts in the region's automotive scene.

This episode features a cruise with automotive enthusiast and content creator Amir De Leon who engages in an insightful car conversation with Roland Zahra, General Manager Marketing Communications Nissan Middle East, and Wassim Abi Salloum, Managing Director, Nissan United at TBWA\RAAD, about the innovation, technologies, and trends driving the automotive industry.

Roland Zahra emphasized Nissan's history in the Middle East, highlighting the brand's mindset of pushing boundaries and defying ordinary. Strategies at Nissan are customer-tailored, focusing on enriching lives and driving innovation.

The discussion touched upon user-generated content (UGC) and the importance of disrupting the market with creative content that humanizes the brand.

Wassim Abi Salloum shared insights into the creative process and emphasized the importance of entertainment and community engagement while staying true to the brand's guidelines and listening to the community for content creation.

The Moving Topics series aims to provide insights into automotive innovation, technologies, and trends, aligning with TikTok's goal of inspiring, informing, and entertaining its car-loving community.