Château Ksara sends a powerful message to all Lebanese inviting them to hold heads up high and glass higher
Posted on 2020 Jul,23

During the tough times that Lebanon is currently passing through, Château Ksara wanted to send a message that would resonate with all the Lebanese around the world.

"One that would instill pride and represent our philosophy and our country. One that would remind us of who we are as a people, of the resilience that is inborn in all of us and the continuous state of positivity that we strive for day in day out," explains the creative team at Mink, the beirut-based agency that created, wrote and produced this beautiful film for renowned Lebanese wine brand Ksara.

The result is a 45-second spot that rolled out early June, which invites us to toast to a beautiful Lebanon and hope for better days!

Mink created a beautiful simple film, more like an ode to Lebanon, that truly celebrates the little things the country can offer, which can positively affect people's lives, while weaving the brand deep into the tale with an uplifting message.

This campaign obviously attempts to trigger a feel-good sentiment and is ultimately designed to help encourage people to stay positive.

The film doesn't focus on the brand's product, but rather seeks to connect audiences on an emotional level through a sequence of peaceful landscapes that remind us how simple things could bring joy, by recalling the sensations and emotions we feel on a beautiful journey across a green Lebanon.

To complement it, the brand is inviting people to raise their glasses, cheer up and celebrate these simple little moments of happiness through a tagline--'Khale Kesak Marfou3'-- that elicits a variety of emotions, but ultimately unite everyone.

'Khale Kesak Marfou3' (or 'Keep your glass raised up high') is a nod to 'Hold your head high' and perfectly captures the sentiment Ksara is going for: an invitation to stand tall and proud against any adversities of life. That message--hold your heads up high and your glass higher-- is an emotional one, and one that consumers can buy into, as it encapsulates what people might feel  in such uncertain times for the country.

In this way, this thoughtful message is a powerful tagline that expresses not just what Château Ksara wants for its customers--to keep their glass raised- but also what it wants for all Lebanese the world over--to feel and show pride. It's punny, to the point, and it perfectly represents the overall tone of the brand and positions it as part of the community, by emphasising the brand’s role in creating a sense of community purpose and local pride.