A call for unity and collaboration…In defense of Lebanon
Posted on 2019 Nov,21

On the occasion of Lebanon’s 76th Independence Day, the Lebanese Army chose to address Lebanese citizens with a call for unity and collaboration, launching a one-of-its-kind campaign.

Created and produced by TBWARAAD, the key element of the campaign consists of an outdoor visual printed on billboards, featuring an incomplete message in Arabic, which translates into: “In defense of ______ (fill in the blanks) Lebanon”, asking Lebanese citizens to fill the gap and express their personal opinion and demands directly on the billboards, using spray paint, or to alternatively fill their answers on digital visuals and share them on social media platforms.
Four Lebanese celebrities have contributed to bringing the campaign to life, climbing on cranes to spray their own words directly onto the billboards, and have justified their choices and raised their concerns on camera:
Captain Rola Hoteit, the first female pilot with Middle East Airlines, chose to defend the MOTHERS of Lebanon; author Nizar Francis wants to defend the UNITY of Lebanon; actor Tony Abou Jaoudé chose to defend ALL of Lebanon; and TV host Tony Baroud chose the GLORY of Lebanon.
A number of Lebanese have participated on social media, adding their own words, and sharing their visuals in posts and stories.