Christian Djermakian: Have a Short Memory
Posted on 2009 Sep,06

Fifteen years ago, Christian Djermakian entered the realm of advertising after completing his studies at LAU (Lebanese American University) in graphic design and further enriching it at Parsons School of design in Paris. Back then he was a junior art director filled with passion and creativity waiting to be unleashed. His early beginnings were at DMB&B. In 1997, he put his talent in the creation of the Drive team. In his pursuit of genuine creativity, Christian joined Impact BBDO as an Associate Creative Director, titillating his imagination for various clients, which earned him several local and international awards. He joined back Dentsu in 2004 as a creative director in Beirut, fetching creative ideas for renowned brands. Today, Christian’s mission as a Chief Creative Officer for the Drive Dentsu network prevails in nurturing creative audacity and the development of future talents through new creative guidelines set for the agency called the Whole nine yards.


“Anyone can pretend, very few truly become.”


What kills you most?


What gets you up in the morning?

My neighbour’s dogs.

What happened to your childhood dreams?

I have a short memory.

What distinguishes you from others?

My height (1.88 m).

What do you need most?

My wife’s support.

Do you think that anyone can become an artist?

Anyone can pretend, very few truly become.

Where are you from?

Beirut, Venezuela, Greece, Armenia and Russia.

Do you feel your situation is enviable?

I am not sure.

What have you given up on?

Nothing at all.

What do you do with your money?

Spend it.

What moves you?

The unexpected.

What are your favourite pleasures?


What would you like to receive for your birthday?

Designer toys.

Name three living artists that you hate most?

The list is too long.

What or whom do you defend?

Creative Ideas.

What are you capable of refusing?


What are you capable of doing in the name of love?


What are you blamed for?

Ask the blamers.

What does art bring to you?

More art.

Who do you think you are?

Someone I trust.

What drives you nuts?

Lebanese scooters that drives in opposite directions.

Write your own epitaph?

Game over. Start again? 

Under what form would you like to come back as?

Traffic police.

What was the last book you read?

Kaws (Urban designer and Graffiti artist).

Do you like animals?

I always had cats.

Why did you choose advertising?

I thought it was cooler than working in a bank.

Who is the woman of your dream?

The mother of my child.

What is your philosophy in life?

Act responsibly and never expect anything in return.

What is the most important thing in your life?

My family.

Talk to an alien...

We interact with them on daily basis.