The 'FEARLESS' spirit echoes in new PUMA global campaign by Paris-based LAFOURMI 
Posted on 2022 Oct,10

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Paris agency, LaFourmi creates new global campaign for PUMA, as the brand and fans gear up for the World Cup. The campaign introduces Generation Fearless, online, outdoor and on TV with a 3-minute film featuring the PUMA Fam and FOTS (football-obsessed teens). Fearless stories are shared. Whether it is a fearless mindset or fearless performance, the PUMA Fam gives insight into their mentality and what makes them fearless. 

On the eve of THE biggest sporting event of the year, PUMA is returning with a world brand film by LAFOURMI that showcases the invincible spirit of the PUMA Fam. 

On November 20th, the World Cup of Football will begin. An event that allows the greatest footballers to shine on top of the world. We all remember Maradona's goal of the century in 1986 and Henry's masterclass in 1998! A real motivation for the athletes, a way to make history, to prove their determination and to show that their game is unique.  

The World Cup shapes the destiny of each player and their condition.  

An event that the PUMA Fam won’t miss and for which it prepares itself, physically and mentally, because, in order to be successful, they have to rid themselves of all fears and worries. Indeed to be ready, the PUMA Fam must be "FEARLESS"

"Fearless" is the impetus that agency LAFOURMI proposed to PUMA to reach the top of its performance and touch the hearts of fans faster than ever--A powerful statement, that doesn’t take itself too seriously, in line with the brand's values.

Fearless defines the fearless mentality, so prevalent in this new generation of fans, and in the players they admire. Whether making a spectacular play on the pitch or staying true to your style, we all have the ability to be fearless anywhere there's potential. 

Players inspire youth. Youth inspires football. Football inspires culture... For the new generation, everything is connected. The field and the city, the style and the skills, the attitudes...  

The players are inspiring models for and inspired by this youth. They adopt their codes, their styles, their attitudes. It is this cultural back and forth that the agency wanted to illustrate in a brand film featuring PUMA players and the generation that follows them. 

How do you embody the notion of invincibility, the "Fearless" spirit, on and off the field, while including all the key players of the PUMA fam? 

One morning, during a discussion on the bus, one of the young characters in the film innocently mentions Neymar Jr.'s "Fearless" state of mind during play. This word resonates with his friends and comes to life throughout the film. In one scene after another, players and FOTs challenge each other in a world where you must dare to become the most "Fearless" possible, on and off the field.

To be "Fearless" is to have a career as a player and a career as a mother at the same time, it is to feed on the words of critics to become even greater, it is to privilege action rather than the result. But it is also to stand up to the older players on the local pitch or to change the music at a party to the hit of the year... By repeating this word like a mantra throughout the film, the characters make "Fearless" exist in each one of us in all situations. 

The casting of the PUMA Fam includes top players like Neymar Jr, Antoine Griezmann, Memphis Depay, Kingsley Coman, Fridolina Rolfö, Sara Björk and the younger generation of players who are making a name for themselves like Nikita Parris, Antony, Christian Pulisic and Romeo Beckham. An effect of emulation in which everyone tries to overcome their own fears. 

LaFourmi accompanied PUMA throughout the entire creative process: Conception and writing, as well as production and post-production in collaboration with Hamlet and the talent of directors Julien & Quentin. Be fearless, be bold. It is with this unique will that the script of this film was written: from the choice of the soundtrack influenced by English grime, through the casting of the FOTs to the clothing choices of the actors, nothing was left to chance in order to capture the audacity of this young generation. 

Beyond soccer, this new mantra "Fearless" is a brand motto and will accompany the launch of a complete product campaign for the arrival of the World Cup with the launch of new pairs of Future and Ultra, sporting new colors, visible throughout the film. 

The film will be aired on cable and satellite TV (America and South Africa for four months) and through digital, broadcast worldwide for one year on all digital supports in paid media, including but not limited to social networks, websites…Also it will be played in closed circuits, showrooms, conferences, fairs, DOOH public spaces. The film will also be broadcast in the UK in partnership with Klarna on digital media. 




Brand : PUMA Global 

Brand Management : Clément Lacour, Shanon Zuern, Abigail Rogers 


AGENCY : LaFourmi 

Agency Management : Thibaut Cornet, Céline Jobert 

Creative Director : Clément Cimarro 

Copywriter : Clément Cimarro 

Director of Strategy : Jordane Rabute 

Account Director : Louis Pierre-Adolphe 

Account Manager : Kevin Antunes 

Account Executive : Hadrien Stolz 

TV Production & Art Buying : Barbara Vaira  

Agency Director of Communication : Marion Weill-Collange 



Director : Julien&Quentin 

Producers : Clément Martorell, Yannis Cullaz 

Directors of Production : Ondine Dupont, Timothée Salze-Lozac’h 

Production Coordinator : Ella Guionneau 

Director of Photography : Antoine Cormier 

Set designer : Silke de Rycke & Johanne CarpentieWardrobe : Lisa Lapuw 



Post-Producer : Thomas Floch 

Head of Montage : Marie-Réglisse MONSIMIER 

Étalonnage : Nicolas Gauthier 


VFX : 

Visual Effects : Orage 

Executive production : Falca  



Composer : Quentin Garabedian 

Sound Design : Quentin Garabedian & Antoine Cebere